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BY Delayman
I reckon ac15 too, and it would be well under your budget. I’ve been playing mine a bit more for the last few days after taking the back off to find a rattle, and it is a very gratifying amp.
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Personal taste and all that, but from all of my own experience with combo's I would say an AC15 ticks so many boxes. Extremely versatile too, not to mention being loud enough to gig with.
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What are you playing your ax8 through? Do you have any other amps at the moment? What guitars have you currently got?
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BY H671
You should talk to opsguy about his Rivera.
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BY bender
StrummersOfThunder wrote:
StratMatt wrote:
StrummersOfThunder wrote:
Ive played this amp. Its a toneful brute. Actually surpisingly usable in a non-stadium context.
the paired blues sound magnificent.

It’s the moving the amp part that intimidates me with this. More grab-and-hernia than grab-and-go.

Yep i hear ya.
Mind you, having gigged with my vox the other night ...the 15 watt is a bastard mainly because it has one handle . the ac30 has two handles. which goes a long way in terms of comfort and transport.

or get an amp trolley like ben uses.

It’s way more manageable than the AC15 Heritage I had. Using both handles makes way less awkward too.
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BY StratMatt
AiRdAd wrote:What are you playing your ax8 through? Do you have any other amps at the moment? What guitars have you currently got?

Just through the PA and I monitor it through a foldback. I’ve got no actual guitar amps. It’s unlikely but if the AX8 was to shit itself I’d like to just go to the van and grab a combo and finish the night with. And I suppose use until the 8 gets fixed. A clean amp with a pedal or two would work but I’ve been down that rabbit hole!

I’ve just got the LP, Axis, a Jem which doesn’t play out much and the JP12 which is on trade Me.
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BY bender
StratMatt wrote:
bender wrote:I have a Vox AC30HW2x I’m thinking of selling if that would sizzle your bacon? Your description pretty much describes how I was using it.

I seen'd it. Looks bloody heavy though, nothing some wheels can't fix but. How much?

I’m asking $1600 on Facebook but could potentially slip on my grey, zip-up loafers and sharpen my pencil
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BY Olderama
Codedogs laney if it still around ?
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BY Single coil
Single coil wrote:Bandit. :cool:
Then you can have a tele too.