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BY SimpleSi
Who here has a few pedal boards?

Personally I just run 2..


Tuner > Sub'n'Up > Bronson > Ampeg Preamp > Iconoclast

The spaceship.

I was thinking - If I were to make a "quick board", What would I put on it..

I could get away with a Tuner, Tumnus, 1 Other Drive/Boost and possibly a small format Reverb and Delay.

What would your quick "grab and go" board be.
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BY Single coil
Sd1, bass muff, delay, tuner.

... which is pretty much my slow board anyway.
BY Delayman
Flyrig by tech21 is so close to being the ultimate quickboard. If it had a tuner and xlr out (which they have on the acoustic and bass versions).
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
The only PB I actually own has a few pedals on it but it's not being used - two OD's and a wah. The two amps that I do use...

Jet City vintage head • Treble booster (always on) into a handbuilt 'Dumble' drive
Ceriatone SSS - No pedals, just guitar-amp
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BY GrantB
Line 6 M9
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Nova system. Not that I need a quick board lol....