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BY jeremyb
We were having a talk at the gearfest the other day about kiwi pedal makers, as Michael from Flux Effects came along to show off his awesome pedals and we were trying to remember all the local guys who were making cool stuff, so I thought this was worthy of a thread to document... anyone got some more examples?

Silver Pistol Effects

Flux Effects

Liquid Ambience:

Liquid Tremolo:

Lightning Wave

Ghost Tremolo:


In Limbo III Delay:

Crowther Audio


Prunes & Custard:

Red Witch Analog

Fuzz God II:


Cream Tone:

McPherson Music

Antique Overdrive:

Pepers Pedals

Russian Doom Machine:
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BY Terexgeek
jeremyb wrote:
sizzlingbadger wrote:Silver Pistol

Sweet jesus, how could I forget Toany! :oops:

Not sure how he feels about being called jesus, I know he responses to Toany though. Maybe "Lord of Pedals"?
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BY Mattallica
jeremyb wrote:
Mattallica wrote:Bob Fields - Devil Pedals Dunedin

Does he have a website or any info? google not helping :(

Not really, he's old school and pretty low key from what i've observed. He's usually got a couple of things on Trademe. I'm not sure if i'd call him a manufacturer tbh, but i thought he deserved a mention.
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BY jeremyb
Kris wrote:the name escapes me exactly-but magnetic fields(?) from auck? a mate a had a few pedals from memory

Did you mention Tinnitus as well?

Hmmm nothing since 2013 on the magnetic fields blog and I don't think Jeremy is doing much if any pedals any more, he's more into synths I think!
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BY el byrdo
Not sure how many pedals he's made, but I have a Tweedish Tourist made by Cdog on the forum. I also had a Rocklander centarur klone that was pretty good.