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Hi All,

I thought I'd share this project I'm involved in, it's a really, really nice sounding overdrive pedal in a handmade wooden enclosure.
I made the promo film for them and sharing here becuase I think it's cool product and well worth checking out.

Circuit is TS based, but with a tilt EQ (which is unusual in a pedal) and they spent a lot of time dialing in a gentle mid hump, so it's not a 'transparent' OD, but not as middy as a tubescreamer. ... tar-wood#/
AiRdAd wrote:Looks cool, Does wanting to raise $10,000 US dollars to set up something like this seem excessive?

The guy has big dreams, and I almost feel like he's 5 years too late. The crazy boutique expensive overdrive hype seems to have have faded. The expensive stuff is all digital now. I think the 10K is to set up a big shop and processes to make a LOT of these pedals, but he can make them just fine in small numbers already.