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BY Kiwiaxe

Cost a bomb but crikey they've made a noticeable difference to my playing. Comfortably rocking 32nd notes at 100BPM.
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BY Clanger
Looks Dunlop Jazz 3 size? Identical shape.
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BY willow13
at the price you better not lose it :rofl:
BY Kiwiaxe
Bigger than the Jazz 3. More like jazz 3 XL. But I love the material and the pick is 2mm thick which is awesome.
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BY Slowy
Kiwiaxe wrote:. Comfortably rocking 32nd notes at 100BPM.

Bows deeply and backs towards the door.
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BY jeremyb
Never heard of them till now, cool they do a Rabea signature pick, but that's madness money lol
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BY Kris
i bought a few winspear picks and i thought they were a little pricey,glad to see im not the only one prepared to spend on something that gets overlooked by most!
At least one or two of them are OTT huge so you feel like you are getting bang for buck.biggest one is 8mm thick:)
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BY Zaulkin
I take it these are the ones you don't throw into the crowd at the end of a gig?
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BY HackSaw
Zaulkin wrote:I take it these are the ones you don't throw into the crowd at the end of a gig?

Depends if you’re prepared to take someone’s eye out?
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BY Molly
Kiwiaxe wrote: Comfortably rocking 32nd notes at 100BPM.

Video or it didn't happen. ;-) Seriously though, what about it made the difference? How's it different to a regular Dunlop of the same weight?

Just recently I started turning my pick and using the larger corners for faster passages and it seemed to make a positive difference. After years on the same green Dunlops I'm starting to wonder if I should investigate something else. Also, I bend my picks up around my thumb. Can't use a flat one at all. That's part of what I like about the Dunlops. They'll hold the shape I bend them into.
BY Kiwiaxe
I think it’s the mass that makes a difference. I used to use v-picks for the same reason, and that was great for speed. And when I talk about speed I really mean synchronisation. But the v-pick have an annoying chirping sound which I didn’t like. The hawks have a normal and good tone.
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BY Conway
Must try. I can do 32 @ 100bpm....

But it takes me 4 bars.
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BY chur
What are the Gravity picks like? Anyone use em? Seem kinda spendy, not as much as these thou.
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I use and love gravity picks and I thought they cost a bomb already