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BY jeremyb
Mini Forklift Ⓥ wrote:Did this one get it's 5mins of fame in this thread yet? :shock:


Pretty sure I've posted it :) my buddy Neil is getting one!!
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BY Green Bastard
Always liked the fake Dimension C in the m9 I have. Dont think i could commit to a whole pedal for it though.
Metalzone could be interesting, i imagine they've tried to remove a lot of the bees.

Saw Line 6 had a new thing announced as well, havent looked into all the features, but seems to be a trim down Boss MS3 (has 2 external loops and effects), while also adding some amps etc.
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BY slash-ed
jeremyb wrote:Boss re-releases the Dimension C & Metal Zone :mental:

Well, not just a reissue as I'm sure you know already :D

DC-2W is now hiding the original Roland Dimension D rack unit inside it (and is stereo IN as well as out) and the MT-2W has a new Custom mode which absolutely KILLS.

One thing Ola missed in the video - Standard mode has actually been revamped a little, it's lower noise and a bit lower bees. Which is a scientific term.
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MOOER Cab Sim? This looks promising! anyone has one? thoughts? cheaper alternative to [insert brand]

Pete Thorn has a demo and review as well
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BY GrantB
Waza Craft?

wtf? Or politely put...ah, what is Waza Craft?
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BY jeremyb
This pedal has been out for a while, but quite cool to see this new technology being used in a pedal....

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BY codedog
That's probably one of the best drip I've heard in a pedal yet. Would love to hear what the surf guys around here think...

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