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BY Thewilltopowerrock
Clanger wrote:I've been waiting for this to come out for months, to replace my BigSky. Not quite sold on it yet, after hearing a few demos, but still an impressive unit:

Definitely a couple of sweet settings on that. I like that 'offspring' setting.
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BY jeremyb
In typical death by audio fashion.... :mental:

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BY H671
kdawg2a wrote:
jeremyb wrote:In typical death by audio fashion.... :mental:

That is killer. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!! $180 usd.

:think: Wouldn't playing through a 10 watt Samick amp maxed out achieve the same result?
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BY kdawg2a
Possibly, but this would make my Plexi sound like a blown up Samick amp. I think we can all agree that to do so is a noble goal.