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Good idea though huh!

Mmmmm. Depends. A lot of people are attracted by the size of the MS-3. DC outlets would make it appreciably larger.

The PSB power supply that ships with the MS3 is capable of running MANY pedals - so a daisy chain would be all you need...

Hi Matt

Please excuse my pedal power short-comings ;
So you're saying I can plug a 4 plug daisy chain onto the end of the MS-3 power supply and have it power three external overdrive pedals and the MS-3 with no issues ??


OK so firstly. I made a mistake. We ship a PSA power supply with the MS3 (not a PSB).

Boss PSA = 9v 500mA
Boss PSB = 9v 2000mA

Daisy chains allow you to power multiple pedals off a single power supply, providing they are all the same VOLTAGE (in this case 9V DC). Luckily, the vast majority of pedals (including the MS3) run at the same voltage 9VDC.

It's then a case of how much CURRENT your power supply can safely handle. The BOSS PSA can provide a maximum load of 500mA. The MS-3 draws 280mA, so it's then a case of adding up the total mA requirements of your other pedals. If the total is 500 or under, then you can run them all off the PSA with a daisy chain. If the total is MORE than 500 - you'll need a more powerful power supply (like the BOSS PSB)

The next hurdle though is noise. Not everybody makes pedals to the same stringent quality levels than we do, and it's not uncommon that if you are using non-BOSS pedals, then one of them might introduce some kind of noise when plugged into the daisy chain. You won't know this until you try it. If this happens, then it complicates the issue, and you may have to invest in some sort of power supply with isolated outputs.

If you're using all BOSS pedals though, you almost certainly won't run into this issue and can daisy chain them all with impunity.