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BY godgrinder
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Beta 58, for all but shouty metal vocals ;) Just more sensitive oh-er, like a durex featherlite.
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Basket Case wrote:I thought 58s had become unpopular. Maybe it's a myth perpetuated by gear snobs who dislike anything that's popular. I always thought they did a good job.

Because there's better out there, they're just a workhorse standard. Its not a snob thing as much as they're great for the price. What kind of vocals? Like I said, the Beta is a far better mic if you're not shouting into the fucker. I always had to work harder into my 58.

I'm sure either of the Ben's will give you way better suggestions, I only know what I've used - Beta, 58 and a AT something, which was on par with the 58 but rejection was shit.
BY LucyTheSpud
My 2c. Try them out. Vocalist of my old band had a 58, but always had issues hearing herself. Switched to an OM3 audix, bam, clarity. I use the sennheiser e935 because i like the way it makes my voice sound (again, clarity). Everyone has a preference. Try em out! You need one that suits your voice, and not all mics will.
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Basket Case wrote:
Bg wrote:What kind of vocals?

Awful, usually.

Welcome to my world, you need a megaphone then. Hides everything.
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BY SimonHirst
Yeah, I agree with what Spud said. Try some out. Beta 58s didn't really do it for me. Clearer than an SM58 but I found them a bit too sibilant for me personally. I actually liked a Beta 57 on my voice more, but it has a very small window to sing into, so if you move around a lot live then it's probably not the most practical in that way.
I thought the AKG D5s were an ok option around this price point. But I just always went back to a 58. Are there better sounding mics? Absolutely. But I'm yet to ever be let down by a 58.
Except for their 'awful' sound that was good enough for a million famous bands :wink:
As Beeg said, the Ben's excel in this area. We eagerly await their educated opinions.
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BY hamo
Guy on the bookface is seeking a pair of sm58s for $150
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BY Lawrence
Im very impressed with the Telefunken M80 and M81 from STL audio. Some of the best vocal clarity Ive heard in a dynamic...sounds like a good condenser.