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BY GrantB
I played the black one...these are incredible playable and sounding guitars...good luck

Thank mate, i love the thing but need to buy a new amp more unfortunately!

See this is what happens when you ask a question after 4 Grolsch's...Engrish not so good...for Scarecrows Radian (Adrian)...why oh why does one of these guitars come up when I'm trying to do something else...,like right now, buy a Matchless? My hollow body Firebird will fly one day!
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nice honesty here... refreshing!

Indeed. That is one ugly guitar tho.
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BY ash
Some Bozo wrote:This Gunn amp could use some love... ... 951956.htm

I used to have one of those. Loud, heavy and clean. The perverted offspring of a Fender Twin and a Marshall Plexi with ultralinear mutations. Mine got "improved" until it literally set it self on fire to end the torture.

A good buy for someone down that way...
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BY DarcyPerry
AUCTION TITLE: Gunn Big Hundred Valve amp

How many Watts?

Well I am just guessing 100 watts, By the name, it is very loud. I will check the specs next time at the workshop and take my gat down and strum up a tune and see if I can rate it for you.

:roll: Ok, I asked a silly question. It's been a long weekend. You may all now laugh with me! :lol:
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