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See above. Not so much a conspiracy theory as a hole in the process perhaps? Though I would think that there would bad feedback on sellers who tried it?

Anyway, here is some beautiful guitar pr0n compliments of TM. What a beauty!!! Look and admire, my fellow acoustic players.
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BY Rog
What izzat, JD?

Where does the lead plug in??? :lol:
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Dis ting it is known as a guiatare.
It kin make purty sounz without electrics! No, iz tru!
All you need is yur fingerz! Some sai the original guiatares were mades dis way!

But boy, what a sweet looking guitar. Reviews say it sounds awesome.
BY foal30
thanks for the link.
I was thinking very dangerous $1 Reserve auction
also not the first time GP has won an auction from this seller.
one of this site's correspondent's has had some "full and frank" comments on this trader on this thread.
BY Crazy Horse
Oh man I laughed hard at that pic of Dimebag shredding while the towers burn and the eagle cries and a huge pot leaf illuminates the scene. I mean come on, how awesome is that?! I want that for my email signature I think.
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#168447 it English wood? I could use a vice but shipping would be pricey!
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BY Tulip
I have enough vices already :oops:

That is NOT a wood vice. :roll:
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