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Just post the name, contact details (if applicable) status (active/no longer in business) a few of the products made etc.. website perhaps or any other misc. info.

Guitars/Setup/Repair etc.

Benavides Guitars
Luthier, Acoustic guitars

Christian Druery
Acoustic guitars

Laurie Williams
Acoustic guitar luthier


ASH Customworks (Auckland)

Audio Zephyr

Gene Bennett (Avondale)

Trevor Binford/Binford Lutherie - Onehunga

Rod Capper
Luthier - Classical Guitar

Mr. Glyn (Khyper Pass) ... 243959145/

North Shore Guitar Repair (Torbay)
021 208 1847

Andries Vorster - The Fret Shop (Torbay)

Stringed instrument luthiers
Birkenhead Auckland (09) 482 1303

Keith Macmillan

Rodney Stedall Classical guitars - Cambridge.

James Rochester (Hawkes Bay)
Products: JR 'Wave' guitar.

New Plymouth

The Gat Shack

Dave Berry Guitars. Paraparaumu.
Bamboo bodied Electric Guitars

Family Music Store. Paraparaumu

Bad Seed Guitars
Guitars made of metal
As played by Metallica

Paddy Burgin (Wellington)
Weissenborn, Mandolin, Bozouki/Cittern etc.
As played by David Lindley

Simcha Delft
Stringed instrument repair
Can be contacted through Alistair's Music, 215 Cuba st. Wellington

Tony Francis (Wellington)
As played by Ben Harper, James Williamson (Iggy and the Stooges), Thomas Oliver.

Goldbeard Guitars (Wellington)
Luthier - Acoustic instruments

Rob Matthews Guitar Repair - Te Aro, Wellington.

Max Watt - Porirua

Weta Guitars
Island Bay, Wellington ... k=timeline

Mattsen Guitars
Resonator and acoustic instruments

Alan Farrow

Peter Stephen

Steve Barkman

Kenny Duncan Guitars
Ph: 021 235 7000

Peter Madill Guitars
Luthier, Acoustic guitars
As played by The Tattletale Saints, The Eastern etc.

Beltona Resonator Instruments (Wellington, relocated to UK early 2014).
Resonator guitars, Ukuleles and more
As played by: Donna Dean, Slowhand, Mark Knopfler, Tiny Tim, Jeff Lang etc.

Waylon macpherson

Crowther Audio. Auckland
Status: Active
Notable Products: Hotcake, Prunes & Custard, Double Hotcake, Hotcake Bluesberry

G2D Effects
Status: Active
Notable products: Classic overdrive, Custom Overdrive, Morpheus, Cream-tone

Red Witch Analog
Notables: Seven Sisters series, Violetta dleay, Medusa Chorus, Fuzz God, Moon phaser, Pentavocal Trem.
Users: Sting, David Gilmour, Andy Summers, Steve Vai.

products: pedals to your customisation as well as standard cloney and tweaked cloney ones
products: Hand made valve amps.

Tinnitus Effects (Wellington)

Silverpistol Effects (Wellington)

Amp repair
Clarry Schollum - Auckland
34 Audio

Rectified Amps. Wellington
Amp Repair and restoration

Baja electronics/Steve Bartlett

Ampstig. Wellington/Kapiti
Amp repair and restoration
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The Rocklander
notable products, the Turpisoris(ocd) 8)
producs:pedals to your cusomisation as well as standard cloney and tweaked cloney ones
products 2: hand made valve amps.
endorsements: unlike myself, he knows what he's talking about and doesn't just solder by numbers :wink:
BY Iolcos
Music Mayhem
Real tradesmen to fix almost anything, from guitars to amps to mixers and everything in between.
Sell top quality intruments without the price, its about sound and playability not brands.
Plus lots of good solid advice from guys who've been in the game since birth and have a good reputation and repore with many top musicians throughout New Zealand
products: shit loads of stuff