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And the socket from RS arrived, soldered it in this arvo. Completely bought the wrong one - cost me 25 bucks, correct one would have been 5 bucks... does the job but lol

And speaker arrived, lots of asking about was in the box from work peeps. 'CANNABIS' being the dominant word on the cardboard.

'WTF? Do you think I'd have a big box of weed delivered to my home address' was my standard reply ;)
So starting on a 5e3 cab for myself tomorrow. Going to raid the last of the old pine out of my wardrobe (shelves) as it just looks so good on the inside, and its free, and I have a sock drawer so fuck it.
TmcB wrote:
Bg wrote:I seem to recalls Tony had one held up in customs for similar reasons? or my memory is shite ;)

Great memory!

Yep, same deal

Long term memory is good, short term is shot to shit lol
I have about $1k worth of pedals on the way to me.

Ooooops :thumbup:
GrantB wrote:In the email...not mail ... cd41aa4caf

Pretty cool....

Yum! :thumbup:
Tortoise brown scratch plate and back plate for the Strat so it looks like this! Have always preferred the brown pickguards, to white on sunbursts so I had to break my usual non-tinkering ways...
40C0695E-762A-4739-8460-CA35D9A3FD24.jpeg (53.03 KiB) Viewed 169 times
Have a vintage HH tape delay on the way. This model :o



Believe it's circa late 1970's
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