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Mini Forklift Ⓥ wrote:
el byrdo wrote:ckk soul echo...

Interested to hear your opinion on that one - I really dig mine. Sits in the effects loop, delay aside everything just sounds fuller when it’s on.

It sounds pretty good to me. Just the right balance of crazyness and nice echos...
olegmcnoleg wrote:
Molly wrote:Suhr Badger 30 head. Safely arrived. Looks mint. Picking up the cab from the guy in Brighton in a couple of weeks.

Bring that back with you!

That's the plan. Bought it via Reverb. Being a bit nervous about it I had the guy post the head even though I'm going to be collecting the cab from his place in a couple of weeks. He did a great job packing it and included the original chicken-head knobs (though I quite like the Friedman-style knobs on there). The cab's a matching 212.

Mrs is talking about us returning between Christmas and New Year so the kids can have a cold, maybe white Christmas. Don't know if I can go that long without my gear and tools. :-(
k1w1 wrote:Late 60s Fender F1050, made by Harmony basically an upgraded H1203 with the best woods and headstock overlay. These were the top of the line, this one has a lot of bear claw spruce on the top. It has been reset and is a great player (bought from a mate in the US).

ImageF1050 by Laurie Franks, on Flickr

Interesting, you don't see many of these...
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