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Molly wrote:Just bought a Katana 50 combo from Andertons. Was going to take my Victory RK50 to the UK with me then buy a cab but it was easier to just buy a Katana and have it delivered to family there. Will just flick it before we leave.

Could do with that footswitch maybe then? Need to look into that.

I ran my 100 for a year without a foot switch with no problems, then got the foot switch and thought why the fuck didn't I get this from the get go .... I can sit in my chair and get 9 different tones instead of having to get up and push a button :rofl: Homer Simpson 4 life :rofl:
Not in the mail but I can't be arsed to start a thread. Collected the PRS from the Post Shop this morning. Thanks KNNZ. Went into Christchurch today and collected the Jag I bought yesterday. Seller was a really nice guy. Showed me pics of his dad who was part of the Dam Busters (Lancaster pilot / captain at just 22). Hard to imagine, eh. Anyway, here they are. Bit of a change considering I was down to one guitar a few weeks ago.



Jag seems better than I expected. Lighter than a Mexi one I lifted off the shelf at Rockshop this afternoon. Nice contours too and it plays well. :thumbup:
KNNZ wrote:I like your chair/couch/sofa thingy! what is it?
oh epic guitar collection too btw!

Cheers. Just another iteration. :oops:

It's just a big leather chair the Mrs found at some Christchurch big box store a few years ago. Actually not terribly comfortable and the stitching is starting to come apart thanks to the kids using it as a climbing frame. Awkward bugger too. I have to take the door off its hinges to get it out of the bedroom.
Slowy wrote:Molly, try as I might, I just can't put you and a Jaguar into the same scene.

I know what you mean. I could pick up a Gretsch or Rickenbacker or any number of guitars and I'd just play the same shit on them that I play on a Strat. But I'll noodle with it and see how it goes.

The PRS is another story I suppose. I plugged it into the Kotzen 50 head and jammed along with some Cozy Powell / Gary Moore track and that was much more my thing.
mule wrote:May just be the lighting but the finish on the Jag looks better there than it did in the auction photos. A bit darker/deeper, looks great.

It's a nice match to my CS 60 Strat. Not the bright red I was expecting it to be.

Needs a green guard. :-)
Is that the jap jag that was on tm?

Just bought a tweedish tourist pedal built by our very own cdog. I'm hoping to get some Neil young tones out of it. I prefer to play clean but like a bit of dirt from time to time...
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