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bbrunskill wrote:'in the mail' since christmas eve is a canon 5d. Did exchange one email, I've paid, and radio silence. I'm being patient, new years and all that but if I don't get a tracking number tomorrow I'm reporting to TM. Pity becuase I got a bloody good deal and I need a pro DSLR for some jobs I have coming up

Hopefully it's just the holiday period. I had the same thing with an amp cover I sold. Finally got it sorted today.
codedog wrote:
Molly wrote:Had to be my turn sooner or later.

Lovely looking PRS. I don't know when it started... but I have an intense irrational dislike for that control layout. For some unknown reason I only like the LP layout.

Not irrational at all. Shared by most. That's why they changed it to the more player-friendly Les Paul arrangement. I can live with it though.
Single coil wrote:My god, I finally found a sprocket and chain set that wasn’t fucking moonbeams.


Should bring the thing out of sewing machine territory on the open road.

I'm pretty sure the chain on my pushbike is bigger than that :mrgreen:
Single coil wrote:Single volume and tone best for prs :cool:

I'm going to play it for three weeks then store it for the best part of a year. Did think about a master volume and some other option for the spare knob but I probably won't be arsed to do either.
Just bought a Katana 50 combo from Andertons. Was going to take my Victory RK50 to the UK with me then buy a cab but it was easier to just buy a Katana and have it delivered to family there. Will just flick it before we leave.

Could do with that footswitch maybe then? Need to look into that.
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