Gear Aquisition Syndrome is a serious disorder.... FX etc

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Single coil wrote:I don’t like strats, but that is a pretty unit.

It is rather. Nice contours. Not too heavy (8lbs). Trying to be less precious about the finer details like wanting a particular weight, profile blah blah. After pursuing fat neck guitars for years I've now got these two Strats. One's a thinner, flatter jobbie (Charvel) and this medium C Fender and they play just fine.
bbrunskill wrote:I've been meaning to try a Lewitt, but I've heard that they are made by ex-AKG designers. And the 3 or so dynamic mics I've tried from AKG have been somewhere in between average-at-best and downright poor, which puts me off the lewitt a wee bit

I'll find out whether I like it or not soon enough. Probably just succumbing to MAS ;)
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