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StratMatt wrote:Can't tell if trolling or sirius..

Yeah, I’m Helen Clarke serious.
Huh, sweet. Going by the ding in the knob (oh my) it could well be my old one - if it has the wanker power socket thing then could well be. Reissues amended these iirc.
Not in the post, but in the pipeline - headrush firmware v2, verrry early october apparently. New amp models, shimmer verb, intelligent harmonizer and 160 IR's - yeah 160.
Treating the new one with kid gloves though it is actually on the floor. Don't want it to fail before gearfest lol. Not when my rig is sounding so awesome!

This just shown up in mail...
olegmcnoleg wrote:
Molly wrote:
godgrinder wrote:Image

This just shown up in mail...

So here it is.

Merry Christmas.

That’s Slade, not Wiz(z)ard. :-)

Geez, get you glam rock bands straight Molly

As in: WOW, I bet that baby can jive

Oops. Leave it with me...
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