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My goldtop treats still aren't here. Urf.
Floyd for that old ibanez is on the way though.
Car parts turned up.
Another Joyo sweet baby, freed up a space on my board and keen to see how one of these sounds into the clean channel of the katana, have fond memories of it into the marshall channel of the ryan built ex-Toany amp of doom!
bbrunskill wrote:a drone. Woot.

I need to fettle mine ready for summer :) Building it into a different frame... will complete soon. Hours of fun to be had explaining to irate pensioners that you are not trying to spy on them or take pictures up their skirts...
Where the buggery bollocks is my treat for the goldtop -.-
Also hurry up floyd
bbrunskill wrote:ooh eer you sound like you're right into it. What do you have? I got a 3DR Solo, have borrowed a couple of DJI's and I decided I don't like them much, hence the 3dr which is fairly customisable.

Built my own from parts, but it has dji gps system, so can be as stable as you want - and does the return to base thing. Or you can switch to fully manual etc ;) I had a Phantom 2 for a few weeks and yeah I never really got on with it, just hated the controller amongst other things. To be honest I'm not keen on being confronted by numpties who think I'm taking videos of their wives, but that sort of nonsense seems to be dying down thankfully!
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