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Jellybelly wrote:
Olderama wrote:On its way

Lee Malia Epiphone Custom
Gibson USA P-94 Pickup in the neck position for FAT single-coil tone.
Custom-made Gibson USA B4T-LM in the bridge position for powerful crunch tone with amazing clarity.
Coiling-Tapping on bridge humbucker for a wide variety of sonic combinations.
"1959" round "C" profile Mahogany neck with Rosewood Fingerboard
Includes classic metal "Tulip" Tuners and Epiphone Straplocks.

Not an Epi fan at all.
But this one looks killer :D
Sharp score :thumbup:

Yeah considerng the artist it's based on you would think it would be a emg equiped metal axe
That actually looks really cool.
olegmcnoleg wrote:
Clanger wrote:
k1w1 wrote:Something a little different a 1930s mandolin. Never played a mandolin

Interesting. What brand is it? Mandos are great fun.

Enjoyed those civil war battle location pics too in your sig.

Cool, lute next!

Cool, hand lute!

A week later, here we go.

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