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TC Electronic 'Crescendo' pedal. Based on the old Boss Slow Gear. I used a volume pedal a lot for the recording of one of the album tracks, but it's really impractical doing it live while singing. So going to give this pedal a whirl. Looks like it will do the job very well
StratMatt wrote:
Molly wrote:
Molly wrote:Hoping my misdirected Martin lands today.

It did. Christ, that took a full week. Well, it sounds bloody nice but I've already exhausted my repertoire. Didn't think to buy strings so can't have my ritual clean / restring tonight. Action is a bit high.

In other news, I've just bought this on a bit of a whim. Interested to give it a go. All the cork-sniffery CS Strat stuff has been ultimately a bit underwhelming. Just thought I'd buy a decent model and a reasonable price and give it a shot.

Had that on me watch list. Really liked the colour on that one.

Think I'm gonna flick it...
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kwhelan wrote:
Molly wrote:Bought back my Wildwood '61 Strat (for the third time...).

have to ask
does the wife know

Yes. My Mrs is cool about this stuff. She just gets irritated sometimes by the time all the shipping malarkey takes up.

Michael wrote:
Molly wrote:Bought back my Wildwood '61 Strat (for the third time...).

Are... are you okay mate? Are you searching for something to fill an empty void deep inside?

bbrunskill wrote:Picked up a One Control Gecko MIDI controller. Not as cool as I was hoping but should do the trick for some simple MIDI switching.

Nice! There stuff looks great. I've been looking at potentially getting their Crocodile Tail loop switcher later in the year. I'd love to get my pedalboard, which is great, even smaller. Potentially thinking a two tier like the back row of my current one, but single pedal depth. H9 for all the Mod sounds. Got it drawn up, measured and should work perfectly. Just have to get 40 million Spotify streams to pay for the $1000 controller, ha!
I might pick your brain on the midi side of things sometime if that's ok Ben?
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