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xCaptainx wrote:a 'full vintage' spec guitar should be really fun and interesting to play. Well for me anyway, as an ignorant metal dude haha.

Then there’s me with alnico 2s in the goldtop and paf copies in the dot chucking heaps of gain at them :lol:
Few more Evidence Audio SIS cables (can’t turn back now), JHS Prestige turned up today, and another Gigrig Isolater for isolated power for my little acoustic board. Only have a tuner, clean boost and AB/Y splitter but was getting a frustrating hum problem, so looking forward to eliminating that :thumbup:
Molly wrote:Got notice that my Barefaced Audio 1x12 cab has been shipped. Looking forward to trying that one out.

hey mate just thought whist your in the UK have a look if you can at Fraser Guitars hes seems like a nice chap
rickenbackerkid wrote:
chur wrote:An old Boss ME-5 effects board is now on route. Just for shits n giggles as I have fond memories of them from about 20 years ago, and one came up at the right price and time.

dibs if you'd ever like to move it on. I've always wanted to try one of those.

One here. Waaaaaay more than I'd pay for one, but I guess it works! :thumbup:
well this arrived yesterday, from Germany straight to my doorstep, no dramas with customs. Saved a couple of grands instead of buying locally, the most the manager could do was knock off a hand shandy from the retail lol
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Waiting for the courier. Yesterday he must've pissed off home early as he recorded 'no access' on my parcel's tracking despite there being enough access to park the bloody Titanic.

Edit. It's here. Build quality seems good. Protective corners and corner fasteners look a bit cheap. Guess they're a small company and the minor cosmetic things will improve with scale.

Pics coming...
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Had some time with it this afternoon. Did a lot of a/b with my Zilla oversize (Super Fat Boy) 212 in closed-back configuration (it has a removable panel but I couldn't be arsed). Been thinking about how best to describe the difference. Going from the 212 to the Barefaced 112 is a bit like switching in a Dyna Comp. It sounds more full. The bass is definitely more present. And there's something of a 3D quality to it too which I guess might be the sound from the back coming off the walls. I've been backwards and forwards on clean, dirty, with different guitars. I have to concede that the Zilla, which is a great cab as far as I'm concerned, just doesn't sound as good.

Speaker differences are that there's a V30 in the Barefaced, and a Celestion A-Type and Creamback 75 in the Zilla.

So, I'll box-up the speakers and put them to one side, and sell the Zilla unloaded.
Turned into a spendy weekend. Oops.

1977 EHX Small Stone from Darth Sabbathi


Jen Crybaby Super Wah Pedal


“1970’s model, made In Italy. A real classic and iconic pedal that features the seldom seen Orange Fasel inductor. Seems to be all original on the circuit, switch and DC clip were replaced and it's now running on True Bypass. Missing foot rubber. Great working class option with vintage vibes”
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Bit the bullet, missed out on that alnico jensen (cash poor at the time), so as its pay day I've got a Cannabis Rex in the mail for the 5e3. Did quite a bit of research and of the ceramic speakers this gets awesome reviews in a deluxe. Will still keep my eyes peeled for a decent jensen alnico, but hey this can go in an extension cab if that happens!

Also lots of fender tweed oxblood grill cloth. I'm planning on building two cabs with that - one for the 5E3 and the other is maybe a pipe dream at the moment.

And a neutrix locking input trs socket - finally tracked down an intermittent fault on one of my tannoy studio monitors. :) Nothing particularly exciting but, will enable me to use my studio monitors with the helix when the missus is cooking in the kitchen. Else she gets annoyed when I use the big guns and things fall off shelves :D
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