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Got a pair of 1970’s RCA Black Plate 6L6’s from PaulWD yesterday. Will drop them in my amp tomorrow
Taking a punt on a chinese strandberg-esque headless guitar... They just dropped $200 off the price for a few days so I figure I've got that in reserve to fix the things that are wrong, that'll easily cover a decent setup and fret levelling etc, these NK guitars seem to review fairly well, so why not!


Aged ABR-1 bridge for my LP turned up in the mail yesterday, looks great. Ordered myself this book, should be a great read as it's nearly 500 pages :thumbup:

Have only spent an hour with it but I have already managed to create a Chorus/Rotary patch that sounds rather Rothery :thumbup:


Decided on this in lieu of the Helix HX, reason being it's only really modulation effects I'm wanting. This seemed just the job, big thanks to NZRS-Dave and the guys that served me today at Hornby NZRS
I see it has a 'ring mod'. Is that for the brown tone?

In other news. Looks like I've bought a mid-70s, alder body CBS, hard-tail Strat. It's too much to ask a chap to go a whole year without having a Strat to hand. I was going to focus on getting something that doesn't overlap with my existing gear but that idea didn't last long. Strats is best.

Of all the gear I've seen for sale in the UK CBS Strats seem to be the only ones with prices comparable to NZ. Guess they remain as unpopular as ever.
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