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BY codedog
Molly wrote:But is it amplified? Really hoping so.

Is there any particular reason you really want it amplified? I'm asking out of ignorance here. I have no idea if real cabs are better than IRs. Also, I thought Kemper profiles are created of the amp, complete with cab and mic. In my infinite laziness and cloth-earred-ness I just use IRs and FRFR with my AX8.
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BY StratMatt
Highly doubt it will be amplified; looks like they've packed plenty into it as it is.
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BY jeremyb
I think I'd rather have one without an amp, that way you could use a tube or SS power amp, or go direct, whatever, options galore!
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BY Molly
Paused the video they've posted on their Facebook page and no sign that it includes an amp. I just would've liked that for the convenience.

Wonder what it'll cost.
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BY Molly
It's not amplified so do I buy this new Stage unit and save $1,500 on the power head and foot controller but have to buy an amp, or do I go with the power head?

BY Kiwiaxe
Don’t go power head. I say this because I know that if you did that you’d end up running through guitar cabs and I think that’s the wrong way to use a Kemper. Go powered FRFR
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BY Conway
To be honest, I feel a little underwhelmed about this new Kemper floor unit. It doesn't seem to add anything new and I suspect it will have the same processing power.
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