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BY Single coil
Optioned one for the fuck of it.
$2550 usd lmoa
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BY sirvill
Single coil wrote:Optioned one for the fuck of it.
$2550 usd lmoa

I will probably pay nearly that in a few months. If the exchange rate improves I might just go for it. Not even that made for a handmade gat.

(I take it you added a bigsby or a mastery bridge to blow it out like that :D)
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BY werdna
A Russian gas mask for only $20. And I can wear it on the car drive to the gig should I have to give a lift to our flatulent drummer.
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Candeevr4 wrote:On top of my gas for a gretsch, im having major gas for a les paul jr atm.

I have a Gretsch for sale if you’re serious just pm me :wink:
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BY Single coil
Bloke I know has a vintage brand junior style with a p90 in it. Sunburst, 50s wiring because factory was aids. Very cool guitar.
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
A nicely aged tailpiece & thread studs for my new LP. There'a decent looking aluminum Gotoh one, might have to grab it I think :-)
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