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BY Molly
Reissue of a black 1955 Les Paul Custom with staple P90s and a Bigsby. Bit aged looking. If you have such a guitar under your bed and you'd like to flick it, let me know.

Thanks. :-)
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I like Gibby’s with Bigsbys and there’s a SG with Bigsby on TM that’s tempting
I think u guys discussed about it here before
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BY Sanctuary
A coffee table
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BY StratMatt
Sanctuary wrote:A coffee table

I’ll swap you a lovely coffee table in excellent condition for a nice amp or guitar :thumbup:
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BY jeremyb
Nothing really, I'm really happy with my gear, just need to actually play it, been months now...
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BY jeremyb
sizzlingbadger wrote:
Michael wrote:Never really been into the Chapmans, and I don't usually enjoy figured tops either, but I'm really digging Bea's new signature model

Their new "custom shop" ML1 is quite nice, too.

I like that too, man Rabea has lost some serious weight in the last year or so.

50kg last year, high carb low fat vegan diet :) part of my motivation to try the plant based lifestyle :)
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still a bit of a twat though...
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