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BY Molly
Looking at possibly trading my '77 Strat against a Custom Shop El Diablo Strat. Kind of depends on the deal to be honest but I like the spec. So, not exactly gassing so much as curious.

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BY Slowy
KNNZ wrote:In other news.. I'm gassing for a certain LSL Strat. Hence the sale of Gibsons

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BY Conway
KNNZ wrote:In other news.. I'm gassing for a certain LSL Strat... particularly this blue one. the problem is .. it's in Singapore


Oh my! That is very nice indeed. And I may well be in Singapore the week after next... will have to pop in to Guitar 77. :D
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BY hamo
Did l mention I'm gassing for a Katana 100 head?
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BY StratMatt
I'm thinking if me Mesa sells ill pick up a Katana head and a Lollar HB sized tele pickup for the Radian.

Or I could just not spend my gear money immediately for a change.. Nah.
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BY WellyBlues
Went into the Rockshop Welly today. Just browsing, no money. In responce to another thread about there not being a great selection in music retail in NZ there was a good selection for the beginner and the more experienced or pro. Plenty of Gibson, Fender, Reverend, Guild, PRS and SE, Godin, Epi, Squier, ESP and others. Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat Bass. It's on my list of collectables. And I have no money, and we are going to the UK for a long holiday in a few weeks. And I want it, and I can't have it (right now anyway). Maybe it will be there at Christmas time.

Oh, and I'm also gassing for the new Epiphone Ltd. Ed. George Thorogood White Fang ES-125TDC Signature.

And a yellow Gibson Gary Clark, Jr 3xP90 SG.

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