Gear Aquisition Syndrome is a serious disorder.... FX etc

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BY Single coil
Mine is berryandbiscuit
I’ve just bought random shit that isn’t very interesting.
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BY StratMatt
Wouldn't mind picking up the Helix Hx just for effects and amp switching..
BY foal30
2EQ Fretless MusicMan

Current situation is no fucking show as I'm still trying to repair the house and foolishly agreed to a 6 Bass Limit rule
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BY Molly
KNNZ wrote:
that's gorgeous!!! right up my alley!! shouldn;t have clicked the link now I'll be sleepless :think:

Did also think it'd be as hard to shift as a Fano in NZ. Entirely the wrong consideration as usual. I could just feckin' try to keep it.
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BY GrantB
Molly wrote:Not sure if I'm gassing for this but I am suffering from 'Haven't bought a guitar in weeks' syndrome: ... wned-p7948

Figured it wouldn't overlap with anything else I've got and it looks pretty cool.

Still deflated by UK prices, mind.

I'd play that!
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BY Single coil
Colours are cool, but to me it looks like a les paul melted in the sun
BY Candeevr4
So i think i have a slight problem with being indecisive though seeing this in the flesh today reignites the gas for one of these:


But in saying that it is a floyd and Chris's RG with those pickups might be a better option..
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