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BY Conway
Molly wrote:Double bound Lake Placid blue Tele with dark rosewood board. There's one in the new American Originals series but buying new is, for me at least, never a good idea.

GAS is strong in this one...


Mmmmmm blue.

Buy it Molly and I’ll take it off you when you’ve had enough of it, in a week or two. :wink:
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BY el byrdo
The other night I had a dream about the ibanez ad80 I sold a while back, LOL.
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BY Single coil
Neat. Lettuce know how that goes.
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BY Single coil
I’d be happy with the sterling version of that - sunburst or white.
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BY WellyBlues
Much nicer than that Mayer PRS thing. Wonder how they would compare.
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