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BY Glacial Pace
Slowy wrote:
Glacial Pace wrote:
Slowy wrote:Ironically, it's now worth more as a Paisley :rofl:

I think that one is a custom shop colour over Paisley one, but it's gorgeous and I want it.

Yeah; didn't think it was original.
And I want it too.
Just think; by collecting cool finishes, a man could end up with, ooh, thirty Teles? :D 8)

At least 3 or 4 anyway, I think my second one might be one of the postmodern ones they did for the last few years.
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BY Slowy
Glacial Pace wrote:
At least 3 or 4 anyway,

:wtf: What?!!! I'm calling you out, Sir for a serious lack of commitment.
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BY GrantB
Cool but how do you play the guitar and wiggle the knob?
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BY jeremyb
Altho' my Keeley Dark Side covers the echorec ground, I still would quite like one of these too :lol:

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BY Single coil
Zoom stuff is cool, but tends to have a couple of limiting factors when you need it not to the most.
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