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BY el byrdo
My Jansen 6/forty... it's great! and I got it so cheap/can't really get what it's worth in terms of what it's worth as an instrument. Just need to get the trem fixed.
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
My UK made Laney LH50R


Just found the LH series were hand wired which I wasn't aware of, bonus :thumbup:
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BY Slowy
No surprises here:
Jansen 4/12. Main amp for the past 6 years.
At last Saturday's gig, I used the Tubeworks combo. It was great, no complaints but after song 3, I quickly swapped back to the Jansen and the world immediately felt right again.
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BY bender
I’ve never had an amp that’s really done that before. It’s early days, but the AB165 Bassman clone I bought off strummers may be. It certainly covers a lot of ground. Sounds great with a Hotplate for sensible volumes too.
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BY olegmcnoleg
For me I think it is a Fender Supersonic. Two switchable vintage Fender amps (Deluxe and Bassman) and an independent hot channel with two gain controls.

Anything more would be greedy.
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BY rickenbackerkid
I feel like my old Tweed PJ is right up there. It was so cheap and sounds so good that I can't ever think of a reason to part with it. So practical to in terms of size, weight and stage volume.
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BY DongHua
All of my current amps, they all unique enough for me to hold on to, and represent most of my favorite bands’s signature tone.
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BY chur
My 1976 100W Marshall JMP and 80's JCM800 2203 half stacks will hopefully never leave.

Given I'm a bedroom player nowadays, they almost never get used and the Boss Katana is the go to, but just looking at the Marshall's as man cave art makes me happy enough that I have no intention in selling off :D

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BY mugamee
I had a really good USA made fender bjr...one of them early production models...i had that for almost a decade. I only sold it because I had to relocate to nz.

Now I play a drri but contemplating on getting a prri.
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BY Single coil
In all seriousness, I don’t think I’ve had an amp I “wanted” to keep, like, “I love this” as opposed to “I needa keep this and get my money’s worth”, except maybe that jcm900 copy I had a while ago.
That was pretty cool, but rather large and kinda heavy (I’m not a big dude, half of you have met me).

I actually like the bandit. If I want to do something, it’s often pretty happy to oblige.
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