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BY mrmofo
I`m running a sealed cab with a 10 inch and an open back single 12 in series both are 4ohm.

I`m stoked with those two running together. amp is a Dark terror.

its a bit messy as they both are de-amped combo cabinets.

but, if you have access to an old Marshall BassState (this might sound dumber that usual) but they sound flipping great as a guitar cab.
BY LucyTheSpud
I love 10s for guitar. I find they clean up the low end for a lot more snappy sounds out of a pushed power section on an amp. Using a 2x10 vibrolux and a JTM45 with 4x10 cab. Great response and i dont find it muddy when playing with other guitarists or bassists. A little lacking by itself, but killer in a mix.
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you hardly see 10 inch cabs around though eh, compared to 12inch ones
BY Delayman
As part of my clearout today I plugged in my old Marshall Lead12 (solid state 80s practice amp) today. It has a 10 inch (Celestion G10D-25) and I'm always pleased at how clear that little amp was. I played bass through it today and it was a great sound. I regularly used to get asked to turn it down by sound guys at the church i used to play at. 10s have plenty of bottom end.
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BY rickenbackerkid
A Celestion G10 Vintage popped up on TM last night, opened but apparently never used, so I've bought it to try in my Pro Junior.

Apparently it's the 10 inch version of a vintage 30, which I think might work well. While I like the sound of 'American' speakers, I feel like that papery break up is possibly better suited to a bigger and cleaner sounding amp. The Pro junior is already pretty raunchy and dirty, so I feel like a speaker that doesn't break up might be a good fit.