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BY Delayman
werdna wrote:Pedantry warning. At least in Mexico, a duende is a goblin. The Mexicans are superstitious. Say the word duende and you get at least a stern look.

Yes you're right, I stand corrected. Duende is more like elf/goblin not dwarf. Where I lived in Chile they used it for everybody who was short, but they were very big on good-natured insults.
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BY klarkash-ton
Duende from Bogner's perspective are the lights/spirits that would dance around ship masts, will'o'wisps - they mention it in the manual I think?

I have one, best A/B amp small combo I've had. American cleans to high-gain B british channel. Can also combine both channels for boost.

Very loud but it punctures any mix with strong tones, constantly getting asked about it. Tube buffered FX loop. Tube tremolo is divine - a tap function would get my 80tape Variable State Tremolo off the board (minor issue).

The joint EQ section is an odd one, Body & Air, hard to explain but it's like presence and extra bass/mid/fullness.

My only issue is the separate tube reverb that is always on even when set to zero (slight echo) but you have separate controls and tubes for both channels.

Every tech amp who has opened it up has been mightily impressed. Got mine for 4k from Ryan back in the day.

Weighs a tonne if you're getting on in age.

On reflection would have gone for the head and cab, it rattles those tubes mightily.

Would buy another in a heartbeat if lost or broke.
Molly wrote:
MrDINO wrote:
Molly wrote:So, what you're saying is that I should buy it? That's what I picked up reading between the lines.

I would if I didn’t have the Moj

I bet that sounds killer with the WW Strat.

That WW is a good find..thankyou kindly
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BY Single coil
I should have another really stupid picture that isn’t me. It’s been a while.
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BY klarkash-ton
Bogner custom and their tolex designs in general helped sell me on mine...

Colours here match my family crest.

There is another one exactly the same, the first one I had, but the tolex was badly assembled and Ryan got me another one and sold that one to someone in Auckland.
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BY Molly
robnobcorncob wrote:
Molly wrote:
robnobcorncob wrote:Still love my Mojado head, had it for 10 years now. 2 knobs is all you need.


I'd buy that just for the Tolex.

Is that an offer?

Oh God, don't tempt me. I'm not sure how many impulse buys I can cram into one week.