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I’ve got the Bogner Mojado ( ex Tim) 2x6V6 driven. More basic than the Duende but I haven’t tired of it yet. Great amp. Loud enough for gigging. Light enough to grab and go.
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I've played that one, and also owned that Mojado mentioned.

Good fun, definitely has the Bogner low mid voicing. Reverb wasn't working at the time (it got fixed apparently) but the clean to crunch was great! Would take the Duende over the Mojado combo but would take the Mojado head over both.
BY Delayman
Duende means dwarf in Spanish if you’re after more general learning.
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BY philly
werdna wrote:Pedantry warning. At least in Mexico, a duende is a goblin. The Mexicans are superstitious. Say the word duende and you get at least a stern look.

you must be joaquin.....
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BY Molly
MrDINO wrote:
Molly wrote:So, what you're saying is that I should buy it? That's what I picked up reading between the lines.

I would if I didn’t have the Moj

I bet that sounds killer with the WW Strat.