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BY werdna
I am looking for an amp tech who can do some work on my Randall rack system.

The work is modifications. They are well documented in the form of instructions with photographs. I'd guess it'd take 1-2 hours all up. It requires someone who is handy and careful with a soldering iron, and has some understanding of tube amps.

Clarry won't because he only does repairs, not mods.

I have a quote from someone else but it's for way more than expected.

Who would you recommend please?

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BY willow13
jeremyb wrote:Alan from Anvil Amps? He's a member on here!!

was going to say this but couldn't remember his name until he posted in the MPC dredge :rofl: .. he's in Howick last time I used him
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What about the guy that does the Mcpherson pedals? He's at the Mount (which isn't too far away), but is super experienced with modding amps and pedals, as well as wires up his own stuff. https://mcphersonmusic.site/