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I quite like his Trio stuff, Pino Palladino on bass, whats not to like!
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My JTM-45/100 does that tone. it does is super easily too - eg - don't have to tweak anything) it's got that lovely blooming note thing going on.
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BY bluesierra
I have a Nextone 40w Stage in my Hong Kong apartment bedroom (I have an AX8 hooked up to monitors in the living room).

I really like it. I have it set on one tone I Like using the EL84 setting. I've swapped the delay for a tremolo. Amp is set crunchy and cleans up nicely with the guitar volume. That is all I need to pick up a guitar and enjoy it. Mainly using a Tele and Les Paul and both sound good to me. It's not going to replace any of my Tube amps but It definitely sounds good enough that I would bring it home with me.