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BY StratMatt
Took delivery of this cool bit of kit from Seymour Duncan yesterday. I was liking the Marshall Origin and cab setup, but I didn't want to go down the road of buying reverb and delays etc when I know its not my #1 rig.

Sold the head but the cab stayed cos its cool and ordered the Power Stage 170. So now I run whatever preamp I want on the AX8 and that runs into the PS and cab for that trouser flapping action.

BMT controls offer some easy fine tuning if needed and it packs a lot of volume. I can't see how you'd need the 700w unless you wanted to run a couple quads in stereo, and why wouldn't you if you could. I'd found that fold backs sounded a bit shit in a band situation so this gives me that option to get a cab behind me and still send a full signal with cab sim to FOH.

It's super clean too, I've only taken it to about 1 o clock and it was shaking the windows and there was no sign of breaking up. Supposedly works pretty good with pedals in front to be used as a clean platform too.

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BY jeremyb
StratMatt wrote:I've only taken it to about 1 o clock

You only posted this at 10:24am so I'm calling bullshit! :mental: