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BY Single coil
I built a thing
Jack >> 100k pot >> jack
Goes in the effects loop, behaves like a volume pedal
Works a proper treat
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BY calling card
Wondered what that corn can thing was :)

Watch me pile up attenuator junk iterations...

I want an engine dyno brake like thing, make those EL34 scream
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BY griff7628
Thread resurrection..
Ordered myself a Weber Mass III. Will be putting my el84 Plexi clone through some savage power tube grind.
Will report back with results.
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BY handsoffmatt
chur wrote:
calling card wrote:I've just bought a green THD hotplate ex trademe, thought it might be a good thing to tame my monsters. However I see they vary in impedance, this one rated at 2.7 ohms.
I've got a combo plexi (jmp50) running 1x 16ohm speaker. What's gonna happen here?

Who knows this might be one of you guys had it for sale. Better go push some funds through now I've gone done it.

My understanding is you can use higher impedance units with lower impedance amps (still not ideal however), but not vice versa.. You really needed the blue Hotplate.

Correct! You shouldn't use the green hotplate with a Marshall, and will run the risk of damaging the amp if you do.

The green hotplate is actually the rarest one. Pretty much the only amps that run at 2.7ohms are 3x10 Fenders (Vibro-Kings/Bandmasters etc) and their derivatives.