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BY chur
calling card wrote:Thanks! oh well best sit tight & see.

Or chat to StrummersOfThunder on here about the airbrake clone he got made locally. Maybe this route is affordable.
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BY calling card
Cheers, there's this dirt cheap hack I could try; https://www.parts-express.com/parts-exp ... m--260-261 :D
Like the idea of getting into reactive territory though, although I don't entirely understand the intricacies of it.

And as for my green THD hotplate mistake...well maybe there's the excuse to get the bassman 4x10 I never got.
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At the time I was looking for an attenuator (this was before the 'reactive load' ones,) the best one I came across was the THD Hotplate. I liked it more than the Marshall Powerbrake, and both weber ones., and one other one that I tried - but can't remember the name of.

I also tried the Two notes Torpedo. Liked that, but they're only eight ohm, and all my cabs are 16 ohms. It was probably better, but not really noticeably better than my THD.
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BY chur
I always wonder how much the reactive/resistive thing matters when you are still running a cabinet after the attenuator. For a full load box i can see how reactive is king.

From my experience not running enough watts into a speaker when using an attenuator is what kills the tone.
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BY calling card
I know what you're saying, although I've not tried any attenuation the things I'm reading point towards that.
The commercial resistive units usually having some filters added but the core is an L pad kind of thing.

So I've made up my mind... incoming
16 ohm 100 watt rated L pad.