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BY jeremyb
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BY godgrinder
So after all the forum dramas and Misha insisting it's made in the US, turns out it's made in China after all lol.
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BY Molly
I'm really looking for something like this but with less parts / options and I'm really hoping to pay something around the $5k mark for it. Need it to be hand-wired by someone in the US and sold with a thick layer of marketing so I feel reassured about all things 'authentic'.


Mostly it should just observe the: 'more you pay / less you get' rule.

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BY mrmofo
I remember the conversation from the amp forum at harmony central some years ago.
a guy said he could make a marshall clone cheaper than some company making them at the time.
he was hounded and trolled for days bro.
he then started making them, the company is still going. memory's a bit thin but the amps he makes are still available and sort after.
one of those amps Molly was talking about above.
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BY Danger Mouse
jaxman16 wrote:
StratMatt wrote:A fancy 5150?

Basically haha. It was modelled off an original block letter 5150 (stated by Misha in an interview).
Still looks awesome though.

The old block letter is a beast with some basic mods and a decent cab, cover both of those in the factory and this should be awesome.

Wish I still had my old block letter....