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BY Single coil
Alrighty everyone.

Looking at a chch based amp on the tard - it is pickup only.
It is a 112 and I expect it is sub 20kg.

Pending my winning the auction (closes sat 13th), can someone on here who is chch based collect pack and send up to me in dargahole?

Obviously I’ll pay the bill cuz this isn’t a charity :lol:

Please and thank you.

Bought something.
Two channels and an effects loop.
Waiting sucks.
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Yeah no worries James, I can do that for you mate ;-)
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BY Single coil
Aye aye captain
Give it a hoon if you so desire also. Ya know ... just make sure it all works. :thumbup:

Of course, auction win pending.
Watch this space.