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BY Dharmajester
My amp tech mate is looking at becoming a Lorantz dealer by way of ensuring a supply of speakers ( much needed in his line of work ) here in NZ.
He loaned me a 12" greenback style speaker to evaluate and I'm impressed.
It was supposedly designed to replicate the freq curve of a sweet sounding vintage greenback and certainly to my ears sits in that pocket fairly comfortably.
I didn't have a green back to a/b it with but did compare it to a Creamback M . The Creamback was thicker and chewier but the Lorantz was much clearer, slightly louder and with a touch more top and bottom end. Obviously it wasn't broken in but I'm sure would sound even better with some hours on it.
Anyhow what I'm wondering is if there would be any interest among the membership in these things being available over here. Ta :thumbup:
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BY Reg18
didnt know they existed! Due to the fact there is no Celestion stock in NZ and Eminence is the only choice if you don’t want to import it couldn’t hurt having another option in NZ.
Looks like they are well priced too!
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BY jeremyb
Never heard of them! Which might make selling them here difficult, going beyond celestion for some punters seems a stretch! :lol:
BY Delayman
sizzlingbadger wrote:Be cool to try one out as the price looks ok. I think what people really want is access to Celestion speakers locally.

I'd be reluctant to take a risk importing speakers to inventory , seems like a submarket of a submarket. Especially if they're not well known (not saying that Lorantz is not well known, I've only really heard of the main few).
sizzlingbadger wrote:I think what people really want is access to Celestion speakers locally.

Unfortunately to become a Celestion dealer you have to stock their whole range including the less popular items. Add to that our dollar rate and import gst and you have a a major investment and accompanying headache. This is why no one is doing it. Most expedient is if you have a relationship with an existing dealer who is willing to tie you in to their order, but they would be overseas so still expensive.
I think this is how Ryan did it with Custom Audio.