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BY dayl
Im the worst impulse buyer.

Took the Katana in. Kinda unhappy, said I didnt want a refund but maybe a trade. Turned out the Katana was fine but I was still able to exchange it for something else.

I opted for something more simple and straight forward, the Blackstar HT Club 50. I have a good amount of pedals that do a great job so I wanted something more basic and vanilla, the Blackstar ticked all the boxes. So I got the Blackstar ordered and there it was.. all rung up on the eftpos machine... as I grabbed my card to swipe... I saw something out of the corner of my eye...

The Marshall display....there it was, the DSL100... staring back at me.... and it was on special (triggered :shock: )

I stopped and stared. and mumbled.. "oh.. the DSL"...."thats nice" or something and just looked at it. I was a kid again.... Then the voices inside said..
"you dont need it"
"Marshalls aren't that great"
"You've already researched the blackstar but not this"
"Pay for the blackstar"
"every noob has a Marshall"
"does it even Djent?"
"Just leave it alone"

Right then the eftpos machine beeped as I took too long to swipe.... so I said "I'll take the DSL"

...and here she is
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YES! You made the right choice :) Well the right choice would have been my boogie, but this is second best choice ;)
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BY jeremyb
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BY jeremyb
I think everyone needs a 100w marshall and 4x12 at some stage of their life, achievement unlocked!!
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BY hamo
Cost a bit more than the Katana though?
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BY dayl
sizzlingbadger wrote:Cool photo, nice use of negative space, would be very Mark Rothko if it was a Rockerverb :moresarc:

I'm a design school dropout lol
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BY dayl
jeremyb wrote:I think everyone needs a 100w marshall and 4x12 at some stage of their life, achievement unlocked!!

I've never owned a Marshall head and yeah, I think you nailed. It didn't seem to make sense or was practical... but it just seems so right.
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BY dayl
hamo wrote:Cost a bit more than the Katana though?

Yeah much more. Couldve grabbed it without the katana credit.