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BY crowbgood1
Rog wrote:
crowbgood1 wrote:I have had a 5w job

Is that a new name for a hand shandy?

Hand shandy? Is that like "waxing the dolphin"?
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BY Anvil Amps Alan
I have tidied up a few of these, they are ok when wiring etc. put right.
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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
I had a Princeton Reverb clone, sounded great. Only negative was a cheap looking glued on faceplate which started to come away at the edges.
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BY Single coil
Marshall jcm900 clone :cool:
Had a Mitsubishi badge on it last I checked.
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BY werdna
A mate has a Marshall 900 clone and he is not very happy with the sound. Any recommendations on a Marshall crunch small combo in the $4-5 hundred range? Second hand naturally. Tiny Terror?
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BY Single coil
Post a picture of it. Wonder if it’s my old one.