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Hi Guys,

I've got these pickups hanging around and need to do something with them.

Happy to do trades for other pickups, and guitar parts, bodies, necks, hardware +/- cash. Hit me up with offers if you'd like to buy anything.

Happy to consider buying/swapping pickups if you had something that goes with one of the pickups here, so that I can make a set.

These two were in a Radian tele that Adrian put as a set and go well together
Seymour Duncan SH-14 Custom 5 - black - bridge - Sold
Dimarzio DP163 Bluesbucker - Bridge or neck - black - Sold

These two were in a Gibson SG as a set and were great -$130 for both - may split
Seymour Duncan Custom - Bridge - Nickel - Sold
Kent Armstrong Hot Rod - nickel - neck - Sold

Bare knuckle Black Dog - Bridge - Nickel - $90 - Sold
Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queen - Neck - Worn Nickel - $Sold
Bare knuckle Holy Diver - Bridge - Zebra - $90
Bare Kunckle VHII Neck Black (pretty sure that's what this one is.) -$Sold
Suhr SSV - Bridge - Black - Sold
Seymour Duncan Distortion - Bridge - Black - $70
Gibson Burstbucker - Bridge - Cream Zebra - $60
Gibson Bill Lawrence - Black - Neck (Previous Owner used in bridge) Came in a 90's Gibson Explorer. -$60
Dimarzio DP416W Area 61 Single coil - $50
Dave Allen - Bridge VP Austin Blues single coil - $50
Dimarzio Bridge Humbucker - Pink -90
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Zaulkin wrote:Is the Dimarzio humbucker full sized? Or is it the SC blade type?

all full sized :-)
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chrisbower wrote:Danny, let me know which of those pickups are F spaced please.

Will touch base tonight :-)
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BY zedhed71
Hey bud.
Could I get a cash price for the burstbucker zebra and the holy diver zebra please.
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BY willow13
could be interested in the pink dimarzio depending on what it is :mrgreen:
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BY dylan
Interested in the Suhr SSV - how many doleros ?
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BY Sinbad343
Nice stash you have there! I’m keen to try the Dimarzio Bluesbucker - how much you wanting for it?
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Hey Guys, I'll put the pricing info up at lunchtime :-)
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BY willow13
AiRdAd wrote:Hey Guys, I'll put the pricing info up at lunchtime :-)

cool. Have you found out what the pink Dimarzio is yet? ... I need it :rofl:
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kwhelan wrote:pink sounds like out of a jem probably

The pink one was out of my ash Custom guitar.
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Price now up

Finally...!!!! :-)