Fair exchange ain't no robbery

Moderator: Capt. Black

Thought I'd see if anyone on here is interested before I try to sell the Pitch Factor on Trade Me. It comes with power supply, box, and manuals, etc. It's exactly like this one on Trade Me at the moment: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listin ... 1461460967

I'd like to swap for a combo amp or head if anyone's interested.

I could also add other pedals or cash or a Hiwatt G100R amp (like this one on Trade Me: https://goo.gl/RACx4p ) to make up any difference if necessary.

Pedals to possibly add to swap:
Monsterpiece Mk1.5 ToneBender
Cusack Tap-a-Whirl analog tremolo
Fulltone Fat Boost FB-3
Mooer Shimverb Pro
Barber Gain Changer
MI Audio Boost n Buff
Death By Audio Micro Dream delay
Ibanez FL9 flanger
EHX Good Vibes chorus/vibe

PM me if you're interested