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Hi team,

I have a really nice Nobels ODR-S, which is like a tubescreamer but with a 3 band EQ. It also has a lot of gain on tap, so can do a full on distortion sound as well as the low gain stuff.

It's a really nice sounding pedal, great as an overdrive into a clean amp, but for my purposes as a slightly dirty boost in front of the amp, I really just want a bog standard Boss SD-1.

So straight up trade anyone? I'd be interested in just about any of the Boss overdrives but no MegaUbérDistōrtiönZ or Metal Zones!
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BY Jake
Rock On wrote:Hi do you still have your pedal up for trade? I have a Boss distortion DS1 .......
let me know, Rock on

Heyo, welcome to the forum and all that, before somebody roasts you just thought I'd advise that you check the date on old threads (2017 in this case).
But who knows, he may still have the pedal I guess...
BY Rock On
Hi there thanks for the welcome to the forum. Also the heads up, I didn't notice the date but will check out in future. I actually got the pedal out again with different guitar & gear it's better than I expected. I am looking for overdrive- compressor pedal to purchase as well if anyone has one for sale ...