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BY Single coil
UnderPants Colonisation.
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BY mrmofo
griff7628 wrote:
mrmofo wrote:crybaby hendrix wha pre UPC early 80`s
boss rc3
trade for why

What is pre UPC?

pre barcode.
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BY griff7628
mrmofo wrote:awww geeze guys come on
trying to business here


Nah sorry buddy.
Will you take monies for the Wah?
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BY mrmofo
check the post out below

tis awesome
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BY mrmofo
griff7628 wrote:And what's the bypass like? ie, any tone suck?

it's a good wha. and yes will sell, as long as that's ok on the swaps thread. I`ll dig it out tonight.
(I have said that before and have ended up keeping the said item, the Bridge I was hoping to sell to Bender only got found last week, the winding thing I promised to another guy sits in the garage)
but for you
I will get it out. wave it about and take photos of it. open it up and make sure its clean.
it`s almost mint. read the reviews, probably 1980 or so.
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BY mrmofo
or the Latin

Utterunce pathetheticus communtus
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BY Basket Case
Have Mesa/Boogie Rectoverb 25 head.

Keen to swap plus cash for PRS, Charvel, Gibson LP or Flying V. Open to other offers (no amps). $1300 cash.
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BY StratMatt
Celestion Greenback for a V30/similar?
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Looking for a variax, open to swaps for fernandes strat through to Ash Custom P90 beast - depending what you have.
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