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BY Jehu
Hey folks,

Anyone have either of these kicking around that they're not getting much use out of? I've been digging the Joyo American but I really only use a clean-ish tweed setting, and I think it might be time upgrade to a decent tweed pedal.

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I've got a wampler twed '57. hi me up if you're interested in it
FWIW I'd go for Conway's pedal personally, I had the Les Luis pedal a while back and it didn't wow me. Seemed to be very dependant on the amp it's running into being suitable, and mine obviously weren't!
Molly has a LovePedal Kalamazoo that he’s selling - that’s a stunning pedal!
BY Jehu
I'm going to start with the NZ build option and go from there, but I may revisit this down the road. (And I might add that Conway is a gentleman and wholly reasonable chap!)

Is the Kalamazoo a Fender-styled pedal? From the name I would have thought it was a reference to the Gibson plant.