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Looking to replace the etones that came in my holden 100 cab. They were probably great but apparently axent audio aren't that great (according to trolls on my auction lol) and they aren't really ideally suited to the Jansen 6/40 which is totally high powered and fairly bright cleans. I could be looking for anything really, but has to be reasonably cheap as I'm broke as usual. Could go up to about 200 for a pair. Anyway I'm looking for bright cleans with pronouced upper midrange. I would have jumped on benders JBL D120 but that's not for sale anymore. Could have been a good combo with a celestion gold. Ohmage not that important as the Jansen has a impedance selector. I'm going for fenderish or voxish tones (the jansen is 2x6L6 so pretty much a clean fenderish platform. Could potentially swap for the freshly reconed Etone gold 50s. I'd put about 100 dollars value for swaps on the etones, they would sound really good for overdriven rock tones, which aren't really my thing. Like when i put a celestion vintage 30 in my peavey triumph 60, the distortion sounded lovely but the cleans were poos.

Anyway, let's see if there's anything floating around. I'd consider upping my game for english celestions (models with good cleans mainly).

thanks, your local tyre kicker extraordinaire!
I might see if I can buy back the old Goodmans 12ax I sold to a local guy. That would hoon paired with the gold. Really nice speaker but makes everything sound like a super bright pedal steel or whatever. The Jansen is a bit darker than the laney so could do with either a treble booster or a bright speaker pairing. Then I'd have to find another speaker to go in the VC30. The gold is perfect but I'm looking at different stuff. Bidding on a modtone coliseum reverb on TM, hope I get it as the Jansen has no verb and I'm a surf rock verbaholic.
Still on the hunt for a couple of speakers. I want something that would sound nice and bright in my laney vc30 and also a speaker to go with a celestion gold in a 2x12 cab.

Could swap a 50s goodmans/british acoustic films limited 12" woofer. Really cool speaker but not enough power handling. Really nice midrange sound and alnico of course. Would be good in a low wattage combo.